Prepare strong basis for your professional website

Focusing on your real needs from the start of the website creation is crucial and largely depends on you!

  • Quality and cost efficiency of your internet site results from its compliance to user's needs. Spotting the needs of the users leads to adequate presentation and content and therefore to good return on investment.

  • Wether you want to go for a 25€ / month site or a more sophisticated site with various functionalities (customer comments, chat, online booking, E-commerce, multilingual..etc), the initial reflection will bring you the most important basis.

  • Try and precise the 8 points below as simply and naturaly as possible from your existing business experience, bearing in mind yours existing and future customers needs.

One main goal must be the starting point to your website creation: Why do you want to meet internet users?
Some of the most common and legitimate goals are: showcasing your company's know how, products, increasing your existing customer basis, looking for new types of customers, inform your existing audience better, proposing new services.
It's perfectly normal to have more than ONE goal. The "secondary goals" will exist in other parts of the menu such as others pages, menu..etc. We will come to that later.
If your goal seems very trivial, you think it's the same as any other business like yours, then focus on what you are best at or different to others the web is extremly competitive, we will have to emphasize your strengths!

who do you want to reach? Final consumers, professional customers in your inductry, other industries as yours, distribution networks, institutions, a narrow circle of specialists?
Is the targeted audience defined by a geographical location, in demographic terms, in linguistic terms, socialy or according to a specific use for your products or services?
What do your existing customers like about you?
Should you expect mostly mobile phone searches on your site, seasonal interest in your site?

This is a crucial key to open your site to the search engines and the public, who together make decisions about more or less everything happenning on the web!
Your website title must contain between 8 and 15 words coherent with your main goal and targeted audience!
Checking statistics on websearches can help a lot in spotting the exact word people actualy use to search for sites like yours on the web. contact me I'll be glad to share some of these basic statistics with you.
Once again if there are way more than 15 words to describe what you can bring to the sites users, keep tehse extra words aside for other parts of the site.

What information will the public expect from you when connecting to your site ? A good navigation menu shouldn't include more than 5 or 6 choices.
If you have a lot more to propose, we will decompose all this later in submenus or other pages.
Classical exemples of menu items are: "About us", "Opening hours", "catalogue", "Portfolios", "our brand", "Contact"...etc. May seem very basic and obvious, but is often indispensable.

Which images and words must the visitor see? How many and which other words and images will be necessary to reach your main goal? Of which size nature and in what order?
Should the images be associated to titles and vice versa?

What global style and tone represent your business best? In general the same as on your existing letter header logo or sign. What makes your popular and recognizible with your customers? What tones and vibes "sound right": colorful, minimalistic, sober, impulsive, formal, classical.
Should any specific elements be emphasized in a particular way? (shade effects, borders, animated)?
If you feel your site should look like a particular existing website, let's use it as a guideline.

Which contact points should your site give and in what position: phone n°, postal address, a-mail, map, opening hours, interactive form, social accounts links?

Internet is a web of connections: it's crucial to proposer meaningfull and enriching links to and from your site. Links are an important criteria influencing you presence in the search engine results. They enrich the informational content of your internet site and also strengthen its credibility, especialy if links to your pages originate from a site with strong credibility itself. (official sites, sites with large audiences or qualitative content).
The most obvious and interesting links are often: links to and from social medias, professional organisations, local official institutions, influential blogs in your area, news sites.

If you can't be bothered to go through all these points, contact me! We will analyse all this together before I propose you a couple of drafts. I can also help and write some content for you if you are not very confortable with redaction or simply lack time.