Web agency in Bressuire Cholet Thouars, website creation

Web agency and website creation

in Bressuire Thouars Cholet and anywhere else !

Showcase internet sites or E-commerce sites

Simple and Professionnal - Starting from 25 € / month

Strong basic website - HTML-CSS-Bootsprap or WordPress - Quality translation

    A quality website brings your business:

  • A permanent meeting point available to bring information to anyone 24/7
  • A constantly updated presence
  • A lively representation of your products, services and organisation
  • Market insights : who visited, when, where, looking for what
  • Online development opportunities: E-commerce, online Advertising, E-mailing

My offer:

  • User friendly website, compliant with your visual identity.
  • Website created according to your needs and budget .
  • Adaptable to further evolution Newsletter subscription, advertising, Social links, Landing pages, blog, E-Commerce.
  • Strong basics, reliable and efficient tools. HTML-CSS and WordPress are the most common and straightforward solutions to website creation.
  • Audience analysis tools (Google Analytics) and follow up on Search Engine optimisation.

Get an instant quote for your website creation:

Focus on your needs and resources available:

    I offer 2 main types of sites and approach to choose from:

  • 1 - Static showcase HTML site I update for you:
    - Minimal time and budget to be spent
    - Your website informs your customers and facilitates contacts
    - Updated with new content 6 times a year according to your instructions
  • ou
  • 2 - Dynamic WordPress site managed and updated by both You and I
    - Progressive solution with options, time and budget to be spent is variable according to your goals and business size.
    - Basic site administration accessible to any computer user
    - Many functions and extensions can be implemented all along the development of your projects.

Select the type of site most adapted:

Basic website type

optional additional functionalities WordPress sites only:

    IMPORTANT: Whatever the internet site type or options you choose, the following basics are always respected:
  • Maintenance, updates and hosting are included in the price.
  • Your website complies with your visual identity and codes and ismobile responsive.
  • You have a permanent access to the sites audience datas.
  • Each page is properly optimised for seach engines

    Why turn to me as your web agency?

  • The quality of your website will largely depend on the quality of the content and understanding of your focus I listen carefully to your needs and objectives and make sure they live through each language version.
  • 20 years of export sales work taught me to listen closely to what others don't seem to hear and find solutions.
  • “A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.” is truer than ever in 2022. I create your website in a few days if you know precisely what you want.

Recent website creations:

Création site ecommerce à Bressuire

Site E-commerce Safran de la Chaise

Site vitrine à Bressuire

Création du site vitrine Jardin des Saveurs à Bressuire

Créer un site web à Bressuire

Créer un site web à Bressuire, comme la Pépinière du Grand Logis?

Conception de site web hangar des Sens à Bressuire

Conception du site web Hangar des Sens, bar et caviste à Bressuire

Conception de site web à Thouars

Conception de site web à Thouars: Domaine des Trahan Vins d'Anjou

Création de site web caviste près de Cholet

Création de site web pour la Barrique du Fond à Maulévrier, près de Cholet

Agence web

Agence web et création d'un site pour Vergers Pommes Desnoues

Création site internet Saumur

Création de site internet à Saumur: Domaine de la Giraudière

Création de site internet Argenton

Création site internet Argenton les Vallées: 3345vinylstreet

Web agency services:

Website updates and writing

Lively content is crucial , you have a lot to say and promote.
I create written promotional content for you anytime.

Taylor made websites according to your specifications are also possible.

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Newsletters and E-mailings

Whether you address B to C or B to B targets,
a frequent newsletter is a cheap and sensible way of building up customer awareness and loyalty.

Collect data on what your customers checked most.

Get in touch with them when you know they've just read your content.

Search Engine Optimisation

The mission of optimising a website for search engines is a long breath and tedious job, especially with multilingual content.

I take care of this for you, so that this very valuable work over the long term doesn't get forgotten too soon.